Cutting Edge UV-Visible-NIR & Raman Microspectroscopy

The 2030PV PRO™ microspectrophotometer is the most powerful micro-analysis instrument from CRAIC Technologies. Built to meet your requirements, it incorporates the latest technological advances in optics, spectroscopy, electronics and software to deliver the superior performance with unparalleled speed and unique capabilities. Featuring the ease-of-use for which CRAIC instruments are known, this instrument the cutting edge of UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy.

The 2030PV PRO™ microspectrophotometer combines the latest technologies to allow the user to measure UV-visible-NIR range transmission, absorbance, reflectance, emission and photoluminescent microspectra™ of sample areas smaller than a micron across. Even the thickness of thin films and color spaces may be determined. And while microspectra™ are being acquired, the sample may be viewed with high-resolution digital imaging in the deep UV, in color or in the near infrared. Ease of use features also add to the power of the 2030PV PRO™ system and include everything from improvements in the instruments ergonomics to software to automation.

The 2030PV PRO™ microspectrophotometer is simple to use, the measurements are non-destructive and the spectral data is unmatched.

2030PV PRO Microspectrophotometer



Key Features*

The 2030PV PRO™: superior UV-visible-NIR spectra and images of microscopic samples.

  • Spectral Range: 200 to 2500 nm
  • Absorbance microspectroscopy
  • Transmission imaging
  • Reflectance microspectroscopy
  • Reflectance imaging
  • Fluorescence microspectroscopy
  • Fluorescence micro-imaging
  • Raman microspectroscopy
  • Photoluminescence microspectroscopy
  • Photoluminescence imaging
  • Polarization microspectroscopy
  • Polarization microscale imaging
  • Thin film thickness measurements
  • Colorimetry of microscopic samples
  • Refractive index measurements of microscopic particles
  • Manual or fully automated operation
  • Featuring Lightblades™ technology
  • Scorpii™ Advanced Illumination System
  • Precision temperature control of samples
  • Calibrated, variable sample measurement areas on the micron scale
  • UV, color and NIR digital imaging
  • Lambdafire™ spectroscopy and imaging control and analysis software
  • Specialized software modules including statistical analysis, spectra mapping, spectral databasing, image analysis and more
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • From the experts in microspectroscopy


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*Features and specifications depend upon instrument configuration. Specifications subject to change without notice.
UV-visible-NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrometers and Raman microspectrometers are general purpose laboratory instruments. They have not been cleared or approved by the European IVD Directive, the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other agency for diagnostic, clinical or other medical use.