Traceable Microspectrophotometer Standards

The world's only Traceable Microspectrophotometer Standards designed for use with a ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared range microspectrometer.

CRAIC Technologies™ offers a variety of Traceable Microspectrometer Standards, calibrated using Standard Reference Materials from NIST and other internationally recognized standards agencies, that are specifically designed for use with your UV-visible-NIR microspectrometer. Our calibrated standards are used to determine the accuracy and precision of your instrument prior to measuring samples as well as during your normal calibration checking protocols. CRAIC Microspectrophotometer Standards are the only standards in the world that are calibrated using National Institute of Standards & Technologies (NIST) Standard Reference Materials, as well as those from other standards agencies, and are designed for use with your microspectrophotometer, microscope spectrometer or minispectrophotometer™. All of our standards were developed to meet ASTM, ISO, ENFSI and SWGMAT criteria. 

CRAIC calibrated Microspectrometer Standards are used with CRAIC microspectrophotometer systems as part of the automatic verification and validation process. These standards are simple to use as well as being traceable to internationally recognized Standard Reference Materials. Call today for more information.


Sets include a Certificate of Traceability, which contains reference values for the standards that are directly traceable to Standard Reference Materials® issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Key Benefits of Traceable Microspectrophotometer Standards from CRAIC Technologies
  • Check wavelength calibration of a microspectrometer.
  • Check photometric calibration of a microspectrometer.
  • Traceable to internationally recognized standards.
  • Conform to ASTM Standard Practices.
  • Conform to SWGMAT & ENFSI protocols for trace analysis.
  • Used for instrument validation to meet ASCLD certification requirements.
  • Automated instrument calibration verification with a CRAIC microspectrometer
  • Includes software and certificates
  • CRAIC recertifies Microspectrophotometer Standards