Upgrades of Legacy microspectrometers

Due to the large number of requests for service from former S.E.E., Zeiss, Nanometrics and Leica microspectrometer customers, CRAIC Technologies has instituted several programs to upgrade or even replace these legacy systems. Customers of CRAIC Technologies support programs are also eligible for our unmatched technical support services.

There are two main support routes for your microspectrometer:


Upgrade Packages For Your Microspectrophotometer

  • Upgrade your legacy microspectrometer hardware and software. Dramatically improve the performance, capabilities and results of your current system by adding a Microspectra 10™ microspectrophotometer to your existing frame. New CRAIC software will be running your legacy microspectrophotometer and will improve the speed, reliability, security and automate many functions. And it is easier to use than your current software!
  • Call now for more information.

Replacing Your Microspectrometer With the Latest Technology

  • The very latest technology in optics, hardware and software
  • Deep UV through NIR spectral range
  • Higher spectral resolution
  • The best signal-to-noise ratio
  • The best long term stability
  • Improved operating system stability and security with Windows XP Professional and CRAIC software.
  • Highest quality images both through direct visualization and true digital high-resolution imaging.
  • Completely manual systems or full automation.
  • Many more software and hardware options can be added for improved functionality.
  • Superior support with a current production system.

Support options may not be available for some model microspectrometers. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about options for your microspectrometer.