Microspectrophotometer & Microscope Consumables

CRAIC Technologies Microspectrophotometer Hardware


CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometer, UV-visible-NIR microscope and Raman microspectrometer consumables are certified by CRAIC Technologies to be of the highest quality and are designed for use with CRAIC microspectrophotometers and microscopes. 

CRAIC Technologies™ certified consumables are the only ones tested and approved for use with CRAIC Technologies products  Only CRAIC certified consumables can be used with instruments covered by CRAIC warranty or service contracts.

CRAIC Technologies™ Consumables

  • CRAIC Technologies certified lamps for your microspectrophotometer or UV-NIR microscope.
  • Spectral grade quartz slides and cover slips: For deep UV microspectroscopy and microscopy.
  • Spectral grade UV microplates: For UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy and microscopy of DNA samples and other biological solutions.
  • Spectral grade UV well-slides: For UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy and microscopy of gemstones, glass and plastic fragments..
  • Microspectrophotometer Standards Re-certification: standards must be recertified every other year. Call to schedule an appointment.

Please specify make and model of your instrument when calling for pricing.