Microspectra 10 FPD™ Microscope Spectrophotometer

Micro-scale analysis of surface plasmon resonance

The Microspectra 10 FPD™ Microscope Spectrophotometer is designed to add optical metrology and imaging to your microscope or probe station. It can be configured to measure transmittance, reflectance and emission from flat panel display components or fully assembled units. With it's software, the Microspectra 10 FPD™ can analyze the spectral characteristics, the thickness of thin films and the colorimetry of FPD units and pixels. All this can be done with a single Microspectra 10 FPD™ microscope spectrophotometer.

With no moving parts, the Microspectra 10 FPD™ is very durable and user friendly. Designed with flexibility in mind, it finds many uses in the metrology of flat panel display parts and completed units. This makes the Microspectra 10 FPD™ microscope spectrophotometer vital to the production line.


The Microspectra 10™ Microscope Spectrophotometer can be configured to acquire spectra from the deep ultraviolet to near infrared. It can be added to a microscope to acquire spectra and images in absorbance, reflectance, and fluorescence. The lit hexagonal optical head is a trademark of CRAIC Technologies, Inc.
  • Flat Panel Color Masks
  • Flat Panel LEDs
  • OLEDs
  • MEMS devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Optical Film Thickness
  • Process Contamination Analysis
Key Advantages
  • TE cooled array detector for low noise and long term stability
  • Total spectral range from deep UV to NIR with the specific range selected by the user
  • High dynamic range & sensitivity
  • Variable measurement areas down to sub-micron
  • Upgrade your old microspectrophotometer with modern hardware and software
  • The only microscope spectrophotometer that also incorporates high resolution digital imaging...up to 6 megapixels
  • Hardware including automation and specialized analysis packages
  • Software including specialized data analysis, databasing and imaging.

Depolarization microspectra taken with Microspectra 10 FPD microspectrometer Microspectra from LCD color mask taken with Microspectra 10 FPD microspectrometer