Microspectra 10™ Microscope Spectrophotometer

Microspectra 10™ Microscope Spectrophotometer with Microscope

Microspectra 10™ Spectrophotometer with microscope.  Microscope sold separately.


Add spectroscopy to your optical microscope.



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The Microspectra 10™ Microscope Spectrophotometer is designed to add spectroscopy and imaging to your optical microscope. It can also be used to upgrade a legacy microspectrometer or to add spectroscopic and film thickness capabilities to a probe station. The Microspectra 10™ attaches to the microscope, microspectrometer or probe station and enables you to collect transmission, reflectance, polarization or even fluorescence spectra of microscopic samples. Depending upon the microscope optics and sources, the spectral range is from the deep UV to the near infrared region. With the Microspectra 10™, high quality spectra of even sub-micron samples can be acquired non-destructively and with ease.

The Microspectra 10™ Microscope Spectrophotometer is ideal for diverse applications such as quality control of OLED and flat panel monitors, reflectometry of vitrinite coal per ISO & ASTM standards, or thin film thickness measurements of optics and semiconductors. The Microspectra 10™ is an effective means to upgrade old microspectrometers to the latest hardware and software.

The Microspectra 10™ Microscope Spectrophotometer can be configured to acquire spectra from the deep ultraviolet to near infrared. It can be added to a microscope to acquire spectra and images in absorbance, reflectance, and fluorescence. The lit hexagonal optical head is a trademark of CRAIC Technologies, Inc.

UV-visible-NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrometers and Raman microspectrometers are general purpose laboratory instruments. They have not been cleared or approved by the European IVD Directive, the United States Food and Drug Administration or any other agency for diagnostic, clinical or other medical use.