CRAIC Technologies™ has developed the Microspectra Control™ software to empower users of its UV-visible-NIR range microspectrophotometers to control their instrument, acquire microspectra™ from the deep UV to the NIR...and to analyze the spectroscopic data in the same software.  Designed for Windows XP and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions), Microspectra Control™ software gives the user full control of a CRAIC microspectrophotometer as well as the abilities to acquire high quality spectra of microscopic samples by absorbance, reflectance or fluorescence and then to analyze those microspectra™.  Designed for the production environment as well as the laboratory, it incorporates a number sophisticated tools for analyzing data. It also has two modes of operation: a production level with recipe driven instrument control and data analysis in addition to a password protected engineering mode for creating those recipes and for advanced research.

Microspectra Control™ software is designed to be fully integrated with CRAIC microspectrophotometers  and acts seamlessly to control those systems and their settings.  It is used to ACQUIRE microspectra™ and to analyze the data with many different algorithms.  As an integral part of the CRAIC microspectrometer system, Microspectra Control™ software can be used to ANALYZE basic microspectra™ of microscopic samples as well as for colorimetry, film thickness measurements and more. 

We invite you to DISCOVER our revolutionary technologies that include a range of microspectrophotometers, microscope spectrometers, UV microscopes, NIR microscopes, Raman microspectrometers, NIST Traceable Standards, microspectrophotometer accessories and software.  We further invite you to experience our exceptional service and technical support. 

CRAIC microspectraCRAIC microspectra™ of flat panel display color mask