Cytophotometer or Cytospectrometer instruments are used to analyze single cells and cellular components optically . CRAIC Technologies designs and builds cutting edge instruments for microanalysis of cells and their components. These tools are able to measure sample areas smaller than a micron by transmission, reflectance, luminescence and fluorescence. As such, they are capable of everything from intracellular calcium measurements to Feulgen DNA cytometry to assorted bioassays.

The cytophotometer is also called a microphotometer. The cytophotometer MEASURES the intensity of light from microscopic samples by either transmittance, reflectance or fluorescence in a process called photometry. The light intensity analyzed can either be in a narrow band or across a broader range in the UV, visible or NIR regions. Follow this link to learn more about the science and technology of the cytophotometer and its applications to cellular analysis.

A Cytospectrometer measures the intensity of light at each wavelength and creates a spectrum. The cytospectrometer can measure the microspectra of samples via transmitted, reflected light. It can even measure emitted light such as fluorescence. Also called microspectrophotometers, the cytospectrometer is a powerful tool for spectral analysis of cells and cellular components. Follow this link to learn more about the cytospectrophotometer and how they are used to ANALYZE biological samples.

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