CRAIC Technologies Microscope Photometer



The microscope photometer is used to measure the light intensity either reflected, emitted or transmitted from a microscopic sampling area in a process called photometry. The light intensity analyzed can either be in a narrow band or across a broader range in the UV, visible or NIR regions.

The science of micro photometry

Microscope Photometer Design

The CRAIC Microscope Photometer

How a microphotometer is used


A CRAIC Technologies™ microphotometer is a highly sensitive tool that allows you to MEASURE either narrow or broadband light intensity from the ultraviolet through the visible to the near infrared regions. Additionally, the microphotometer system includes digital imaging so that high quality images may be stored of the samples from which the photometric data is acquired. You can then ANALYZE the photometric data acquired from samples that may be smaller than a micron.

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